The Vision

“The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.    Madeleine L’Engle

I’m a fifty something woman with a thirty year career,  the raising of two girls,  more than one marriage and divorce behind me. and now the editor of Graceful After Midlife. 

I created this site to give voice to a generation that is “waking up” in midlife. For those of us on the other side of fifty, mostly “baby boomers”, we grew up in a time when the concepts of “consciousness” and awakening to a new way of being, thinking and new Earth was not in our lexicon.

Sure there were those of us who were youthful free spirits, aka “hippies”, and many who dreamed of a peaceful, loving world. Maybe a few of us even became a vegetarian or supported Greenpeace.  But overall there was still so much we did not know, so much damage that was yet to be done before we did know.

We did not know.  We did not know that the food we were growing, processing, eating (and eventually radiating) was not food at all and sometimes, even poison.  We didn’t understand that using energy was using up energy.  We only had snail mail and phones plugged into walls to connect us a person at a time.  Information was found in books in libraries or bought at a book store.

Despite the protests, the rallies, the rise of feminism, the fight for civil rights, the anti-war sentiments, the sex and the drugs and the rock n’ roll, the prevailing culture was still dominated by male energy, by progress and profit over people and the environment, by conforming to societal standards. People who meditated and did yoga were weird.   Our country was not quite ready to embrace the precepts of a granola eating, tree hugging, meditating, flower children populous.

“Waking up”,  after growing up, with the influences we did creates a different kind of story than the story of those who are growing up with a more awakened culture now.

We may have been lulled into long held belief systems that are now being cracked apart.  Entrenched lives are transforming.  We are rediscovering ourselves and having a rebirth at an age where in the past many people at this time of life would just be settling into their retirement years and ensuring their financial security. There may be loss of jobs, careers, money, identity and for some of us our children are also leaving the nest – and waking up – at the same time.

We are breaking down and breaking open.

When  I was a young girl,  I used to sit on a hilltop in the midst of the New York suburban apartment complex where I grew up, and talk to what I perceived at the time to be God. I always sensed there was something more than what I could see, feel and touch but in those days there was no “new age” talk, not much reference point for what we now call awareness and awakening.

When I left my corporate career after almost thirty years at age 52, a step I took as part of my own transforming spirit and life, I started looking for places to publish my stories about awakening in mid-life.  However, the sites I found were mostly run by and focused on the interests of younger generations where what I was wanting to write about would not have a relevant audience.

So, one day on one of my daily walks a little voice whispered into my ear and told me rather than keep looking,  it was up to me to create the site I was looking for.

And so I did.  And here it is.

Not just for me to write but for others to contribute their stories as well. A place for us to share our journeys and insights. Please see our Tell Your Story page if you want to write for us.

Sharipic 4
Shari Sachs

Shari began her journey as a wanderer, dreamer, and an idealist who wanted to write stories, poetry, and save the world. Meandering sets of circumstances led her away from that calling and toward a long career as a business executive which she loved – until she didn’t.

Lurking underneath the thick skin of corporate identity that camouflaged her true essence was a soul waiting to be reborn.

In the last several years, Shari has been on a renewed journey of shedding this skin and reinventing herself as a storyteller, sage, stirrer of souls and overall humanity embracer. Shari’s mission in her writing is to show us what it means to be both human and divine.

Her newest venture is captured in the birth of this website, giving voice to the stories of people awakening in midlife.

Shari’s works have been published in Some Talk of You and Me, The Tattooed Buddha, Women’s Voices Magazine, Women’s Spiritual Poetry and others.

Graceful After Midlife is the sister site to my original blog Graceful Under Fire, Embracing Being both Human and Divine.

With Grace,


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