Tell Your Story

We are so thrilled that you are choosing to share your writing, thoughts and experiences about what it’s like to “wake up” sometime in your middle years.  It’s our vision to create an online writing community where those of us on the “other side of fifty” (give or take) can reminisce, connect and share our our excitement about awakening to a new way of being during this season of our life.

Below are some guidelines to follow as you write. Please submit your piece as either a Word doc attachment or in the text of an email to   

  • Want to know what to write about?  The list is endless but generally falls into the categories of what we are discovering about our souls and selves at this time of life, especially what’s changing, shifting, growing and awakening.  Areas may include our bodies, our souls, relationships, health and healing, and what we call “re-birthdays”
  • Include your full name and a suggested title for the piece (if you have one, though we may change it), a short bio and a head shot.  Bios can be as creative, silly, serene or anything that you like that lets the reader get the essence of you.
  • Ideal length is anywhere between 500-1,200 words.  We accept poetry as well and love text on images if that’s your thingWhile we are open to writing about just about anything that is related to the website’s theme we  do not accept material that is sexually explicit or contains hate speech/slurs.
  • You may submit previously published work—if the website allows it— but please include all appropriate credits and links back to the original. Likewise if publishing work submitted here elsewhere please include links and credit back to Graceful After Midlife
  • While we encourage imagination in writing about whatever you are called to give voice to, we do not accept material that is sexually explicit or contains hate speech/slurs
  • If you include pictures or photographs, you must have permissions or rights to any photos you submit with your stories and include appropriate attribution

Terms, Conditions, & Other Legal Talk: By submitting your work to Graceful After Midlife or any persons associated with it, you are granting Graceful After Midlife and all persons associated with it the rights to edit, publish, and promote your work. Promotion of your work may include sharing it on social media, and/or granting permission to other websites with related content to reprint your work in part or in full. —once published on Graceful After Midlife, you may re-publish it on other websites after publication here. We maintain the right to keep your finished post on Graceful After Midlife in perpetuity. Contributors understand they will not receive monetary or other compensation. You are responsible for the content of your work, for which Graceful After Midlife assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise. By submitting your work, you agree to receive emails relating to your work from Graceful After Midlife


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